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Merge Bubble 2048, a fun math game for all ages, part of the Bubble Shooter brand. Bubble shooting combined with the 2048 puzzle to create an interesting game mix called Bubble Merge 2048. If you are looking for a pleasuring game that you can play in your spare time or when you are hanging out with your friend oh, you have found the right game which you can play online for free.

In this Bubble Merge game, we have to merge the same number bubbles to get the score. Be sure to keep track of what numbers are with each bubble to get the right combo and get more and more points. This is entertaining online game, in which we challenge ourselves and at the same time enjoy the game.


If you are fond of games then you must have played "Bubble Shooter" and "2048" game.

Bubble Shooter is a clone of the Puzzle Bobble arcade game released in 1994, developed by Taito Corporation. The Bubble Shooter game and intellectual property is owned by Ilyon Dynamics, after they were acquired from Absolutist, which released the original game in 2002. The game was ported to iOS in 2010 and ported to Android in 2012.

In this game, try to connect bubbles with the same color into one larger group. When you manage to connect 3 or more Bubbles, the whole ball of bubbles will disappear. Your task is to get rid of all the bubbles on the screen in this way and advance to the next round. So Bubble Shooter is a bit of a logic game and a skill game at the same time.

On the other side, 2048 is a video game, originally a browser game, written by a 19-year-old Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli in the JavaScript programming language. The game starts on a square field of 16 cells, where two cells are occupied by tiles with the denomination "2" and "4". Each tile can be moved horizontally or vertically. Each time a player moves a tile, an additional tile of "2" (90% chance) or "4" (10% chance) appears on the field.

Merge Bubble 2048 is a combination of these two games. In this game you have to connect bubbles with the same number into same larger group numbers. When you you manage to connect 2 or more same number bubbles. If two bubble of the same number collide while moving, they will merge into one bubble with total value of the two bubbles that collided.

Think you can beat your friends or beat your own high score in this game that will grab your attention and make your brain work? Each attempt becomes more entertaining than the last. This online bubble game will certainly not disappoint you. Check out Merge Bubble and have a blast by yourself or with your friends.

This game is also categorized as Arcade. If you liked it, leave your impressions in the comments. And also share with others in social networking. Enjoy your time everyone!


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