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Snake or snake game is a blockade arcade game that originated in 1976. Snake one of the classic genres of computer games, with many similar games since the 1970s. This type of game became popular again in the 1990s with the introduction of some mobile phones with small screens, and this small game can be installed on almost all mobile phones today. Versions are also different.

In the game, the player controls a slender straight line (commonly known as a snake or a worm), which will keep moving forward and avoid touching itself or other obstacles. Every time a gluttonous snake eats a piece of food, its body grows a bit. After eating some food, the movement speed of the snake will gradually increase, which will gradually increase the difficulty of the game. The game design is roughly divided into a mode in which there are walls on all four sides (none of which cannot be crossed), a certain part of the wall can be crossed, and a mode in which all four walls can be crossed.


Its origin can be found in the 1976 "Blockade". In the 1982 movie "Tron", the snake game appeared as one of the games in which the main character of the movie entered the computer world and confronted. Many derivative games were created in response to this movie boom.

Installed as a mini-game in Nokia mobile phones in 1998, "Snake" is one of the revival booms of the classic 1970s mini-game with a simple program. As of 2021, many derivative games can be seen as a genre of mobile phone games.

Snake Game - How to play

The purpose of the game is to control the growing snake and continue to eat food. There are some that clear the game when the screen is completely filled, and some that just get bigger by eating food. There is also a game in which the moving trajectory remains as it is instead of feeding, and obstacles are randomly placed to avoid them.

The player manipulates the snake to collect randomly appearing food while preventing its head from hitting the wall or its own body. Each time the food is collected, the snake's body grows by one square. Snakes cannot stand still and are constantly moving around, so the more food they collect, the harder it is to avoid their bodies.

In some two-player games, you can enjoy the bargaining that limits the opponent's movements with your own growing machine. The "blockade" mentioned above, the originator of the snake game, has already adopted that rule.


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