About Original 2048 Mind Game

2048 is a highly addictive and fun strategy game. The game is very simple to play but can be quite difficult to master. Test yourself and see if you can reach 2048. Challenge your friends and share your success on Game Center or via social media.

Easy to play

Move all number blocks on the screen by swiping right, left, up or down. When two numbers with the same number touch each other, they merge into a new one. 2+2 = 4, 4+4 = 8, etc. Try to match all the numbers and reach 2048. The game is over when no more blocks can be moved.

Optimize the gaming experience

You can optimize your experience by setting how sensitive 2048 Mind Game should be when you swipe on the screen. Click the menu button in the app and adjust the sensitivity by moving the slider at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Keep the tiles together until you reach 2048 and voila! You won! Keep testing your knowledge.
  2. Swipe 2's unique elegant design with dark theme is perfect for playing in bed and saves battery life.
  3. Swipe 2 is a simple but super challenging and addictive 2048 number puzzle game.
  4. When two equal numbers next to each other they merge.


How to win 2048 game: The highly addictive nature of the game and the low number of wins - estimated at only 1% of games played - have led to the appearance of a large number of hints on the Internet and in particular on YouTube. Among them, that of the creator of the game consists of "using only three directions at a time and trying to isolate the box with the largest number in one of the corners of the square". For this it is highly recommended to fill the column where the largest value appears with increasing numbers from top to bottom, wait until two strokes to add two identical squares or make sure that the outline of the grid remains empty.


The fact that the game's license is free and open source has led other programmers to envision many additions and independent variations of the original game, including versions with a scoreboard or improved touch playability, and hijacks. Miscellaneous from the concept or rules of the original game; itself originally a modified copy of another game, Threes! by Asher Vollmer.