T-Rex Dino Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game, also known as T-Rex Game, Chrome Dino, dino game, Dino Runner or T Rex Runner Game, originally codenamed Project Bolan, is a built-in internet browser game in the Google Chrome browser (a cross-platform web browser developed by Google). The game was created by Sebastien Gabriel with Alan Bettes and Edward Jung in 2014. To play it, you need to press the spacebar on your keyboard (or tap to mobile phone screen) in Google Chrome offline mode or you can enter direct path in the URL box: chrome://network-error/-106 or chrome://dino (Full screen mode).

Dino Gameplay

When the browser user is offline (no internet connection), a message appears informing the user that they are not connected to the internet with a Lonely T-Rex at the top of the web page. Clicking on the dinosaur (on Android or Apple iOS) or pressing the spacebar key or up arrow key to launches the game. The internet user who has now become the player, controls the running dinosaur by touching the screen (on Android or iOS mobile phone device) or by pressing up arrow and down arrow key while avoiding obstacles, cacti and pterodactyls. When pressed up arrow key, the dino jumps, which avoids cacti or low flying pterodactyls, and when pressed down arrow key, the dinosaur ducks, which avoids high-flying pterodactyls. Game ends after 17 million years of game time.

In the upper right corner of the web page there is a score counter, the number of which grows during the game. The longer the player plays, the faster and more difficult the game becomes. If a light theme is selected in the browser, then when 700 points are reached, the game switches from white graphics (day) to black (night), and vice versa if a dark theme is installed. When 900 points are reached, the game switches again and so on.

When colliding with a cactus or pterodactyl, the game ends and the screen freezes, a monochrome Google Chrome logo appears in the middle of the screen, turning into a button to restart the game. At the same time, the dinosaur's eyes are bulging.

If the computer administrator disables the game, the player will receive an error message when trying to start the game. The message will include an image of a meteor flying at a dinosaur.

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