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The Dinosaur Game 3D

This game is the 3D version of Google Chrome's T-Rex Dino. This is a very fun game which is played like the original game but in 3D.

Original Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game, also known as T-Rex Game, Dino Runner or Chrome Dino, is a time pass endless running game game in the Google Chrome web browser, which appears in case of internet interruption. The game was Designed by Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes and Edward Jung on September 6, 2014.

T-Rex Dino Gameplay

The T-Rex dinosaur is controlled with the space keys or up key will jump, and down key will crouch (mobile users can only touch the screen to jump) to avoid cacti and pterodactyls. When the player accumulates 700 points, the game will begin to pass between day mode (white background, lines and black objects) and night mode (black background, lines and white objects). Upon reaching 900 points, the color scheme changes back to that of the day, and in the following stages the step forwards and backwards will take place. The lowest point that can be reached is 41. The game ends after 17 million years of game time, in reference to how long the T-Rex existed before its extinction.

In August 2020, a small arsenal of weapons and pills that slow down time were made available to the dinosaur. However, with this some weapon can cause damage to the dinosaur. The modified version got the name Dino Swords.

History and development

During the development of the game, it was codenamed "Project Bolan", which was given in honor of the lead singer of the 1970s band T. Rex, Marc Bolan. The game was released in September 2014 but did not work on older devices. The game code was rewritten and re-released in December 2014. In 2018, the game celebrated its fourth birthday with a themed design.

For the 10th anniversary of Google Chrome, an easter egg was added to the game. During September 2018, a birthday cake could have appeared in the desert (on which the dinosaur runs). When the dinosaur ate it, a festive hat appeared on its head. In November 2018, Google introduced the save player results feature. The game code is available on the Chromium website.

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