Rolling Forest Ball 3D

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The game "Rolling Forests" is one of a popular version of "Rolling Ball 3D" Game. This is a very latest brand new game, in which the user has to use their balance skill to avoid the obstacles (usually trees) on the way. In this dangerous jungle the user has to pay utmost attention to the screen to get the highest score. New forest and challenges are waiting for you.

Roll down dizzying slopes and steer your ball without knocking it off the platforms in Rolling Ball 3D, an arcade and skill game inspired by Slope. Control the trajectory of your ball precisely to stay on track, avoid obstacles and jump on trees at the right time. The more you move while avoiding the tree, the more points you get. Use your focus skills and make a big score. What is the maximum distance you can reach without hitting any tree? up to you!

You have to do your best to score the most points in this awesome ball game. This game is very popular and fun in arcade games category. Are you able to make the highest score in this game, then get ready for a unique adventure.

There are also other types of ball games. Try to guide a brave ball in his quest to find his girlfriend. Challenging ball games are also available, in which you'll have to help a ball through a twisting maze or a 3D obstacle course, filled with barriers, catwalks and dizzying drops. You can also go bowling or billiards in these free online games.

Shortcut Keys


  • Left Arrow - Left Move
  • Right Arrow - Right Move
  • Up Arrow - Jump
  • P - Pause, Resume

Mobile Touch Device:

  • Left Swipe - Left Move
  • Right Swipe - Right Move
  • Up Swipe - Jump
  • Down Swipe - Pause, Resume


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