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Snake is a simple computer game genre that can be played on mobile phones and computers. It is also called a word battle. A variant of the game, Nibbles, was included with MS-DOS for a while.

The object of the game is to move a snake-like line around the field without touching the four sides of the field or yourself. The player can move the snake's head up, down, left or right, with the rest of the snake's underside automatically following like a real snake. Food is appeared in any block for the snake to eat in the field. Player has to control snake to eat. Eating this food makes the snake grow longer, which makes it even more difficult to control the snake.

One point is earned for eating the food. The methodology for awarding points may vary. The game also has multiple levels, the higher the level, the higher the points per bite. At the fastest speed 9, you get 9 points per bite of food.

When the game is over, the snake has eaten the food that appears all over the field. Because the snake can no longer grow, it will cut off its tail. Then the maximum score (for that level) is obtained.

Snake II

A new version of Snake game is available in the new generation mobile phone, the Snake II. Each level of the game has a different type of maze, but there are no walls on either side, so the player can make the snake exit the screen from one side and re-enter the other side.

Snake III

There is a new version, named Snake III, after Snake II. The player can choose from a classic, custom or adventure level in the Snake game. The classic game is very similar to the original Snake but in color and set in a garden. In Custom and Adventure levels, the player must maneuver through the maze and save his snake from hitting the wall. After the player scores a certain or set number of points, the player can exit the garden through a gate and enter the next level. If the player's snake hits own body with his head, the game is not over, but the snake eats that piece of his body and loses points.

Snake Xenzia

Snake Xenzia is an newer version of Snake III for mobile phones device.

Snake Game on Google

Snake game can also be played on Google by searching Snake Game and follow the game rules. The game will then appear and can be played on the screen. Google uses the Snake version from 2010.

Snake on Gmail

Snake on Gmail called 'Ol Snakey' can be played within Gmail. This requires accessing Labs, enabling keyboard shortcuts, and then activating the app. Once available, it is played by pressing the & sign in the main Gmail window.


The game is featured in Tony Mott's book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die.