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Brainvita - Gameplay

Brainvita (Solo Noble or simply Solitaire) is a game played by one person in which the aim is to solve a problem according to certain rules.

The classic Brainvita game is described in detail by Ovid. However, the game has probably been discovered more often. It is said that the Indians played it by putting their arrows in a board and also that it was invented by a prisoner in the Bastille.

The game consists of a game board with 33 holes, usually numbered from 1 to 33. In each hole there is a ball (marble, or other object), except in the middle hole, number 19.

According to the rules of the game, one places a ball over another ball in an empty hole, after which one removes the ball that has been jumped over. For example from 17 to 19, after which ball 18 is removed. You can work horizontally and vertically. The idea is that there is a certain pattern left at the end.

In a simplified version of the game holes 4, 8, 30 and 34 are missing. This is called English solitaire and is of relatively recent date. In that case one can end up with a single ball in the middle (which is arguably impossible with the classic game).

Another simplified version of the game, with a smaller board and challenge cards of increasing difficulty, has been released by ThinkFun under the name 'Hoppers'.

There is also a computer version (Windows, Mac) of this game. It is also available as an app in the various app stores for smartphones or tablets (Android, iOS). The holes are often replaced by black dots and the balls are colored dots that can be moved over the black dots. Dots that are "jumped" over immediately disappear from the board. As soon as you have one dot left in the middle, the message that you have won will appear.

Brainvita - How to play and Game Rules

The objective of this one-person game is to remove all but one marble from the board and the last marble must end up in the centre.

To remove a marble, you must move another marble over it and into an empty hollow. The marbles can not move diagonally or skip over multiple marbles.

Use the UNDO buttons to rewind a move/change the game view.


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