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About Checkers Game

Checkers, also known as Draughts in some parts of the world, is a classic board game played between two players on an 8x8 square board. Each player begins with 12 pieces, typically distinguished by color (usually black and white). The pieces are placed on the dark squares of the board, alternating between players.

How to play checkers

  1. Start with a standard 8x8 checkerboard.
  2. Place the board so that each player has a dark square on their bottom right corner.
  3. Each player gets 12 pieces, typically all of one color (usually black and white). These are usually placed on the dark squares of the three rows closest to each player.
  4. Decide who goes first. Players can flip a coin, or one player can offer to be the first to move.

Checkers Rules

  • Players take turns moving their pieces diagonally forward along the dark squares of the board. White typically moves first.
  • Regular pieces (usually called "men") can only move forward diagonally one square at a time to an adjacent dark square that is empty.
  • If a player's piece reaches the opponent's back rank (the row furthest from them), it is typically "crowned" or "kinged" and gains the ability to move both forwards and backwards diagonally.
  • Captures are mandatory when possible. A piece can capture an opponent's piece by jumping over it diagonally to an empty square immediately beyond it. If the adjacent square beyond the opponent's piece is also occupied by an opponent's piece and is empty, the capturing piece can continue jumping over the opponent's pieces in a single turn, capturing multiple pieces if arranged diagonally and one space apart.
  • If a player makes a capture, they must continue to jump over and capture additional pieces with the same piece if possible. However, they cannot move to a position where a capture is possible and not take it.
  • If a piece reaches the opponent's back rank during a capture sequence, it is still crowned, but the turn ends. The player can continue capturing with that kinged piece on their next turn.
  • The game continues until one player captures all of the opponent's pieces, blocks them so they have no legal moves, or agrees to a draw.

That's the basic gameplay of checkers! It's a game of strategy, requiring forward planning, positional play, and tactical maneuvers to outwit your opponent.

Winning Checkers Game:

  • The game ends when one player captures all of the opponent's pieces or blocks them so they have no legal moves.
  • If a player cannot make a legal move, they forfeit their turn.
  • The game may also end in a draw if both players agree, if the same position repeats three times with the same player to move, or if both players are left with insufficient material to force a win.

These are the general rules of checkers, but variations may exist depending on specific versions or house rules.

Available Checkers Game Variants

  • American Checkers: 8x8 board
  • Kenyan Checkers: 8x8 board
  • Russian Checkers: 8x8 board
  • Nigerian Checkers: 10x10 board
  • International Checkers: 10x10 board
  • Casino Checkers: 8x8 board
  • Pool Checkers: 8x8 board


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