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About Jigsaw Puzzle Game

A jigsaw puzzle is a cut-up or sawn image on sturdy paper or wood, which has to be put together again. Jigsaw puzzles are used educationally to train children's powers of observation and dexterity, but also as a pastime or as a party game for kids or all. A jigsaw puzzle is glued by some after laying and framed so that it can be hung on the wall.

The difficulty of a jigsaw puzzle depends on:

  • the number of pieces
  • the shape of the pieces
  • the nature of the image

The separate units that make up a puzzle are called the pieces. The individual pieces must be put together to form a whole. An image is then created. That image is given and a guideline for assembling the puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles range from four simply shaped pieces with a simple children's image to puzzles of several thousand, up to 40,320 pieces, with highly intricate and repetitive images. Assembling larger models can take days to several weeks and requires a large work surface. Jigsaw puzzles can be moved or cleaned up in the meantime with the help of puzzle rollers. Another solution for this is to put the puzzle on a thin plate and slide it under a bed, for example. There are floor puzzles for small children with extra large puzzle pieces to play with safely.

Online Game

Jigsaw puzzles can also be made on a computer, smartphone or tablet. This can be done online or with a special program. Jigsaw puzzle apps are available for smartphones and tablets in the various app stores. You can then select an image or your own digital photo and the number of pieces. The puzzle itself then consists of virtual pieces that are dragged to the puzzle field with the mouse or via the touchscreen. Pieces that are in place stay in place so that it is easy to see which pieces are correct. When the puzzle is completed, a message appears that the puzzle is complete. The advantage of this is that no work surface is needed and no pieces can be lost. In this way you can make jigsaw puzzles wherever you want.

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