Minesweeper Game

Open: Click or Tap
Flag: Right-Click or Long-Tap
Question Mark: Right-Click or Long-Tap

About Minesweeper Game

Minesweeper is a game that many people know because it came standard with the Windows operating system. In addition, it can also be played on mobile phones. For this, the game can also be found in the various app stores.


The game consists of a field with closed squares, of which a mine is hidden under some squares. The main objective is to identify as quickly as possible all squares where there are no mines. In the beginning, one clicks a box in the field, hoping that there is no mine under it. If not, a number between 1 and 8 will appear, or a field with multiple numbers. This number indicates how many mines are adjacent to this square, these can be squares that are next to each other, or diagonally from each other. Based on this, you can avoid all mines by logically combining the numbers on the different clicked squares.

Fields that are expected to contain a mine can be marked with a flag. Fields about which one is in doubt can be marked with a question mark. Often you can see how many mines still have to be found. The difficulty level is variable and depends on the number of fields and the amount of mines that are hidden.


The unofficial world records are: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert 1/8/32 seconds by Kamil Muranski. The unofficial Dutch records are 1/12/47. A ranking of the best times is maintained by the minesweeper community.

Game Details

Cross-platform - with Web front-end technology (HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript) as the core, it can run on any operating system.

Responsive - The game uses a responsive layout mode + vector graphics resources + dynamically generated graphics resources (Canvas) + DPI adaptive way to achieve adaptive resolution of the game, theoretically can be in any container size (screen size), Resolution, perfect rendering on DPI.

Cross-terminal - The game supports mouse, touch gesture, and stylus multiple interaction modes, so it can theoretically run on any desktop, mobile, smart TV and other devices.

Browser support

  • Internet Explorer >= 9
  • Edge >= 12
  • Chrome >= 4
  • Firefox >= 4
  • Safari >= 4
  • Opera >= 10.1
  • iOS Safari >= 3.2
  • Android Browser >= 3
  • Internet Explorer Mobile >= 10


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