Astray Ball Maze Game

Level 1

Game Overview

A very creative maze game that you can play on This is a 3D video game developed in HTML and JavaScript. It's a simple and fun game that you can probably add to your favorite game list. This game is mainly made in canvas by javascript. Which has been made beautify using CSS. With built in JavaScript, CSS and HTML technology, you can play the game directly in the web browser without downloading it. Use Google Chrome or FireFox for better user experience. Due to very light coding, this game is very fast and does not get stuck in the middle of game.


This game is very fun, it becomes more fun when you play this game with your friends. Here by the name of the game, you must have come to know what this game is. In this game the user has to roll the ball and use his memory to find a way out of the maze. The complexity of the game will increase as compared to the previous level as you pass each level. As you go through the level, the complexity of the game will increase and the game will become more fun and you will need more focus in the game.

How to play Astray: Use the arrow keys to move the ball and find the exit to the maze. Vim trainees: H, J, K, L.

Shortcut Keys

You can use the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard to control the motion. You can hold the ā€œIā€ button to get the instructions for help during the game.

In addition to the arrow keys, you can also use the 'H' (Left Move), 'J' (Down Move), 'K' (Up Move), 'L' (Right Move) to roll around.

To move the ball on a touch device (Mobile phone, Pad), you can use the touch pad at the bottom of the game. The touchpad has 4 buttons, through which the ball can be moved up, down, right and left.

Your goal is to find your way out of the maze!


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