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What is Hextris Game?

"Hextris" is the Tetris-like free game that rotates a hexagon to erase blocks. Tetris is a game that erases blocks falling from above, but there are 6 landing points for blocks, and a free browser game like Tetris that rotates hexagons to stack and erase blocks is "Hextris".

An amazing puzzle game has been created by combining Tetris with Hexagon which is named Hextris. Now you have control over the moving hexagon and need to fill it with different colors. You have to make 3 matches of the same color to get points. If you can't group 3 colors in a row and overlap the different colors, you lose. This game is a test of your sharpness and reflexes. So show your intensity in this game and match as many colors group as you can.

Hextris - How to play

Click on the play button to start the game. Then colorful blocks will fall from 6 directions. You can rotate the middle hex (hexagon) with the left and right keys, so you can find the best place and drop the block.

A mechanism that disappears when 3 or more blocks of the same color are connected. You can connect three vertically, horizontally, or two horizontally, as long as they are in contact with each other except diagonally. The game is over when the block reaches the outer hexagonal line.

When the block is erased, points are added, and once the block is erased, the outer hexagon is bordered by the color of the disappeared block. This line disappears after a certain period of time, but if you erase additional blocks before it disappears completely, many points will be added, so it is the key to aim for a high score by constantly erasing.

Three blocks fall at once so as to cover the half circumference of the hexagon.

Attacks with no escape can fly from all directions. At this time, if there is reach even in one place, it will be out, so let's keep all places flat as much as possible without breaking the height saying "It will be okay if there is only one place".

The more points you have, the faster the blocks will fall. From around 5000 points, it is too fast for thinking to catch up, so it is a game that requires reflexes.

When I asked some members of the editorial department to play it, the highest score was 7,000 points. Transcendental combos may occur without knowing what is happening, so you may be able to get a relatively high score just by playing just thinking that the game will not be over.

You can play this game on desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), you can also play from your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can rotate the hexagon in the middle by swiping, but it may not be possible to rotate left and right as you want, so it seems that operability is better when playing from a PC.


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