Rubik's Race Game

Move the tiles and follow the suit!

How to play: Use your arrow keys to slide the tiles to make the 3x3 centre match the pattern. Try to win the game!

Rubik's Race - How to play

This online Rubik's Race video game is very similar to the original Rubik's Race game. Use your arrow keys to slide the colored tiles to make the 3x3 centre match the scrambler pattern. You can also use your mouse to slide the tiles, and you can also touch slide if you're playing on a mobile or tablet device.

Shortcut Keys:

  • R - To restart the game
  • Arrow key - Slide the tiles around

Original Rubik's Race - Gameplay and Rules

Rubik's Race is a 2 players game. This puzzle game is very easy and also popular among kids. In this game, on the scrambler you will be given a pattern with colored tiles. The objective of the players is to set their own colored tiles matching the pattern. The one who makes the pattern first is the winner.

Each player will get one frame which will have 24 tiles. Those tiles will have 6 color groups and each color group will have four tiles. There will be an empty space in the tray.

Players sit facing each other and manipulate their trays. A player shuffle tiles and sets a pattern to the colors of the tiles without showing the scrambler to the players. The scrambler is placed in front of both players with a cover, ensuring both players are ready to start the game. After making sure both players are ready, the cover is removed. The point to note here is that the scrambler should not contain more than four cubes of the same color and players can't pick up the tile.

As soon as cover is removed from the scrambler, both players begin the Rubik's Race. Both players have a 5x5 tray with 24 colored tiles, and 9 (3x3) tiles in the center of that tray. The player has to match the scrambler pattern to the center 3x3 tiles. Due to the an empty space, the player can slide the tiles around. The player who matches the pattern first is the winner.

Original Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube puzzle is a 3 x 3 x 3 cube with 54 colored tiles. A Rubik's Cube or Magic Cube is a type of 3D toy in which a cube with 3x3 pieces has to be set according to the different colors of its six sides. It is a kind of brain exercise game. It was invented in 1974 by Hungarian architect Erno Rubik. Rubik gave the rights to sell it to a company called Idol Toy Karp in 1980, and that same year it won the award for the top puzzle game in Germany. According to one figure, by 2009, 350 million (3.5 billion) pieces had been sold.


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