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Wordle is a free-to-play online letter puzzle game.

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Word puzzle to practice your English

Wordle is an online browser and mobile game with a fairly simple premise: players have six tries to guess a five-letter word. They write a word and the game tells them if they have the right letters in the right places, right letters in the wrong places, or if the letters don't appear in the word at all. These are represented by the colors green, yellow, and grey, although there is also a high-contrast color mode.

Wordle games took the world by storm as soon as it was launched as the game does not require any high specific hardware or any special software to play. The player just needs a web browser which is compatible with all Android, Windows and iOS operating systems or all types of mobile devices.

How to play Wordle

Wordle is an easy to play word game that is hard to master. All veteran players seem to have their own best strategy for Wordle, so it can be hard to figure out how to get started.

So here's a breakdown of the rules first.

  • Players will need to head over to the New York Times Games website to play Wordle. While there are tons of clones and knockoffs out there, this article is about the original, which was bought by the NYT in February.
  • Choose an initial five-letter English word. Type it into the site and hit enter.
  • The letters will change color. Green letters are correct, yellow letters are correct but in the wrong place in the word, and gray letters are incorrect.
  • Using these clues, players have just five more tries to come up with the word of the day.
  • While some English words are not allowed due to the New York Times censoring some Wordle responses, responses may have duplicate letters and may be written in English or US.

In NYT website, Puzzles reset at midnight every day local time, which means there is only one puzzle per day. But here you can play Wordle game unlimited for free.

New York Times Wordle

It is a puzzle game in which you have to guess a five - letter English word for which you have six attempts. Originally, there is only one word per day, which is reload at midnight Central European Time.

Its operation is very similar to that of the Mastermind. Every time you enter a word, it shows you in green the letters that you have guessed right and that are in the correct position, in yellow (mustard) those that are in the word but not in the place where you have put them, and in gray those that do not appear in the searched word. Letters can be repeated.

It has a "tricky" mode accessible from the top right menu that forces you to keep any green/yellow letter on subsequent guesses so you can't use all five positions to try to guess other letters.

The game also saves statistics, so if you always use the same browser it tells you how many games you have played, the percentage of times you have won, how many times in a row you have done it, your maximum number of games won in a row, and what attempts you have made right. It also has a button to share your results, although without spoiling the matter.

The guy behind 'Wordle'

Now that months have passed, Wordle made its debut and rocked the internet by its storm. And then there have been dozens of clones and creative alternatives like Wordle. Wordle mingles with crossword puzzles and word searches and is a fun successor to the original game.

Wordle game is Josh Wardle's brainchild for his partner. Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle, also supported the game on Twitter, saying, "If you want Wordle you should check the keywords. This is a very important word game for everyday use. What strikes me the most is that despite looking deceptively simple, it was clearly made with a lot of thought and care".

This puzzle is not as easy as it seems to you. There is no clear starting point at the start of the game. Each section has its own assigned letters, but at first you won't know which direction to go, and if you make any inaccuracy, everything will fadeout! Just as it takes you time to solve a traditional crossword puzzle or Sudoku, it will take time to solve it too.


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