Racing Game Online

Racing game is a computer game genre, in which racing around a track with a car or other means of transport is central. This genre is one of the oldest computer game genres. Related to this are the more realistic racing simulations.

The genre is particularly favored for arcade games, where the controls often consist of a special console that looks like the interior of a car. There are also racing wheels that can be connected to a game console or PC, so that a racing experience can also be enjoyed at home when playing racing games.

Race Game Types

Racing games come in many varieties. For example, there are realistic games that race with everyday vehicles (usually cars), and that take place on real racetracks such as the Nürburgring, Le Mans, Zandvoort and Assen, but there are also games that take place in fantasy worlds that race with remarkable or made-up vehicles. There are both games where the perspective is in the first person and in the third person.

Game Experience

Usually the assignment in these games is to be the first to reach the finish of a circuit or route. Sometimes extra goals are added, such as scoring points with spectacular actions. Often in many racing games you can equip the vehicle with more technical gadgets, stronger bodywork or armament with these earned points. Game series such as Grand Theft Auto and Driver have more freedom: you still have to get from point A to point B, but you can choose the route yourself.

In some games, players must damage their own vehicle or the environment by ramming. An example is Destruction Derby. Points are gained by destroying vehicles in the most creative way possible and the winner is the one who is undamaged at the end of the time limit. In the Burnout series it is possible to crash the opponent's car and thus win a race more easily.

In some racing games, a time trial can be played repeatedly, such as the track record. In some games a virtual vehicle can be driven from a saved time trial. This is usually a transparent figure and is therefore also called 'ghost'.