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Tower Stack is a fun puzzle stacking game with amazing animation. The goal of the game is very simple - you have to constantly align the moving blocks on top of each other. In this game, player have to stack horizontally moving blocks. Can you stack the shapes without it all falling apart?

This game requires a lot of focus. While playing, the user has to keep in mind that the moving block is to be placed on top of the block in such a way that the four sides are perfectly aligned. If all four sides are not aligned, the extra protruding part will be separated from the block and the next subsequent block will be equal to the block cut off. This continues as long as you manage to align the blocks, otherwise the game will be over.

After placing certain blocks, the speed of block arrival will increase and the gaming level will become harder for the player. The blocks should be perfectly stacked, and you should look at the following items to decide how best to stack them to create a stable structure.

This game is great fun and will keep you entertained for hours. The theme is cool and the gameplay and sounds are brilliant. Can you stack the spooky objects in time? To control Tower Stack game, use your mouse if you are playing it on your desktop. Or just use your finger if you are using your mobile phone or tablet.

Tower Stack is an online video game, you need to be connected to the internet to play it. Tower Stack is an HTML5 game, which means all you need is a browser on any of your devices. 100% unblocked video game. Tower Stack at is a free game with no payment needed.

Try to stack as many layers as possible in this beautiful 3D stacking game! Click at the right time to drop the next layer onto the tower. Can you lay out all the layers just right? Anything hanging over the sides is chopped off, so your tower's surface gets smaller and smaller. As you play, the tower's layers change color. Have fun with this visually appealing stacking game!


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