Suika Watermelon Game

Fruits and Their Points

  • Cherry2
  • Strawberry4
  • Grapes6
  • Dekopon8
  • Orange10
  • Apple12
  • Pear14
  • Peach16
  • Pineapple18
  • Melon20
  • Watermelon22

Game RulesMerge two same fruits to make a larger fruits You have to make a Watermelon after combining two Honeydew Melons.

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About Suika Game Watermelon Game

Suika Game, also known as the Watermelon Game, is a Japanese puzzle video game created and published by Aladdin X. It cleverly combines the mechanics of falling and merging puzzle games. Originally developed for Aladdin X's digital projectors, the game garnered such early success that it made its debut on the Nintendo eShop in Japan. Its global release followed in October 2023. The game's concept draws inspiration from a Chinese browser game named "Synthetic Big Watermelon."

In Suika Game (Watermelon Game), players aim to achieve high scores by strategically dropping fruits into a container without causing them to spill over. To earn points, players must merge two identical fruits, resulting in the creation of new fruits in the game's fruit cycle. The game also features an online leaderboard, allowing players to compare their ranks with other participants worldwide.

How to play Suika Watermelon Game

Game Objective: The primary goal of Suika Game is to achieve a high score by strategically managing falling fruits within a container.

Fruit Dropping: Fruits will drop from the top of the screen into a container at the bottom. Your task is to control the falling fruits.

Combine Fruits: To earn points, you need to combine two identical fruits. When two matching fruits come into contact, they merge and create a new fruit in the game's fruit cycle. Continue to merge fruits to increase your score.

Prevent Overflow: Be careful not to let the fruits overflow out of the container. If the container fills up completely, the game may end.

Leaderboard: Suika Game have an online leaderboard feature, allowing you to see how your scores compare to other players. Try to achieve the highest score and climb the ranks.

Strategy: As you play, you'll need to develop strategies for combining fruits efficiently and preventing overflow. The game may become more challenging as you progress, with increasing fruit types and faster falling speeds.

Enjoy and Experiment: Suika Game is a casual and fun puzzle game. Enjoy experimenting with different combinations and strategies to improve your score.


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